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Schematic of a spintronic terahertz emitter

Let our innovative spintronic terahertz emitter


unlock the full potential of your terahertz lab.


Ultrabroadband THz spectrum

Up to 40 THz bandwidth without any spectral gaps.

Any Pump Wavelength

From mid infrared up to X-rays: Use any pump wavelength and pump polarization you like.

Easy to Handle

Fully passive THz emitter equipped with integrated magnets that allow a full THz polarization control.

High field applications

Generate THz electric fields reaching 100s of kV/cm.

Long Term Stability

Rely on a stable performance over time.

Compact Design

Minimally invasive implementation into your setup. The THz beam characterisitcs are inherited from the pump beam.

The T-Spin at Work

Prototype spintronic terahertz emitter demonstrating the working principle. Note that the T-Spin comes with a fully integrated magnet design. Ultrabroadband detection enabled by our T-Sense detector and fast delay stage T-Shake.

Spinning Everywhere


"Remarkably, the spectrum is gap-free and exceeds the spectral amplitude of the ZnTe and GaP crystals from 2.5 to 14 THz..."
Nat. Phot. (2016)


"The efficiency of THz generation is essentially flat for excitation by 150 fs pulses with center wavelengths ranging from 900 to 1500 nm...". APL (2019)


"The demonstrated ghost spintronic THz-emitter-array microscope (GHOSTEAM) is a radically novel imaging tool [...] in a broadband frequency range from 0.1 to 30 THz ..."
Light Sci. Appl. (2020)


"Terahertz pulses are generated by the inverse-spin Hall effect...".
JPCL (2018)


"We report on the coupling of ultrabroadband (1–30 THz) single-cycle THz pulses from a spintronic THz emitter (STE) into a metallic STM junction."
ACS Phot. (2020)

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